After hearing rumors this morning, Disney has confirmed that there are layoffs happening at Disney Parks. Disney told the Orlando Sentinel that the restructuring involved more than 0.1 percent of the division, meaning more than 145 people are losing their jobs. The cuts were made to the human resources, finance, marketing and sales and operations departments. As the layoffs occurred around the world, Disney did not have to notify state agencies.

As is Disney’s practice, they will provide job assistance services to those affected. Disney did disclose that they will be increasing capital spending in the parks which will likely cause job increases in other divisions. No cast members directly connected to the guest experience were let go.

Several Disney divisions are restructuring within the organization with the Disney/ABC TV Group and ESPN going through layoffs as they transition focus away from linear viewing towards the upcoming Disney and ESPN branded streaming services.

While the TV business is fundamentally changing, Disney does see the theme park group as one that will feature future growth.