As Rupert Murdoch prepares to sell his company, 21st Century Fox, to Disney, he is currently recuperating after injuring his back in a yachting accident. According to Vanity Fair, the incident happened in the Caribbean earlier this year and resulted in Murdoch being helicoptered off of the boat. Murdoch has been recovering at a Los Angeles hospital but has apparently since been released. In an email sent to his colleagues last week, Murdoch wrote, “I hope you all are having a great start to 2018. I suspect it has been better than mine. I am writing to tell you that last week I had a sailing accident and suffered a painful back injury. While I am well on the road to recovery, I have to work from home for some weeks. In the meantime, you’ll be hearing from me by email, phone and text!” Representatives for 21st Century Fox declined Vanity Fair’s request for comment.