Late last week, a French artist, Hachim Bahous, shared a post on his Facebook accusing that work he’d be contracted to do for Sony was copied by Disney for their upcoming film, Solo. According to his post, Bahous designed the covers for Sony Music France/Legacy Recordings France’s Legacy Compilation albums in 2015. The artwork between the album covers and the promotional posters for Solo have many similarities. At this time, neither Disney nor Sony has commented on the accusation. Bahous mentions in his post, “I wish to be credited and paid for this work I have done for Sony!”, but has not said whether or not he plans to sue for infringement.

UPDATE (3/5/18): Disney has released a statement regarding Bahous’s accusations, saying “The posters were created by an outside vendor and it’s something we are currently looking into.” Additionally, the original Facebook post from Bahous seems to no longer be available. However, Twitter users were able to capture a translated screenshot, seen below:

Solo is scheduled to debut nation wide on May 25th.



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