Over the past few days, Fox News host Sean Hannity and ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel have escalated a war of words, with Hannity apparently pulling Disney CEO Bob Iger into the fight. The recent spat occurred after Hannity featured a clip of Jimmy Kimmel Live! on his program in which Kimmel joked about First Lady Melania Trump’s appearance at the White House Easter Egg Roll. Hannity said Kimmel’s comments were despicable and later proceeded to use mild expletives to describe Kimmel. In response, Kimmel aired Hannity’s criticisms and questioned his use of colorful language and a particular phrase involving clowns. From there, the two exchanged barbs on Twitter, with Hannity sharing racy clips of Kimmel on Comedy Central’s The Man Show, calling him “Harvey Weinstein Jr.” and “Pervert Kimmel.” Additionally, in at least one tweet, Hannity mentioned Iger, saying “Ask the boss @Disney Bob about the conversation we had about you.” Below is the clip from Kimmel’s show last night while the battle between the two men can also be found on their Twitter accounts (Warning: the video includes adult language as do the tweets).

Kimmel’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! started on ABC in 2003. Prior to that, Kimmel was the host of The Man Show with friend Adam Carolla from 1999 until 2003.



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