Walt Disney World has partnered with local communities in Central Florida for years, investing time and money in their programs, projects, and organizations. Over the course of the 2018, Disney plans to invest $34 million in the area, including making donations through their Disney Grants program. Beginning this week, they are surprising five recipients with a total of $500,000 in grant money.

Yesterday, Second Harvest Food Bank became the first recipient, with a Disney Grant of $100,000 for their current programs. Second Harvest and Disney have worked together for more than 25 years to aid and nourish children, teens, and adults in Central Florida. The food bank had applied for a Disney Grant for 2018 with plans to expand their School Market and Teen Nutrition program. Second Harvest President and CEO, Dave Krepcho says, “this unique program reaches a very vulnerable population.Teenagers often hesitate to ask for help, and this program brings nutritious, complimentary and easy-to-access food straight into their schools, encouraging them to eat healthily and get the assistance they need in an environment where they’re already comfortable.”

Disney and Second Harvest celebrated with a Toy Story party full of games, and Toy Story themed foods. Surprise guests Woody and Buzz even showed up to recognize the local heroes. Second Harvest Food Bank continues to “fight hunger and feed hope” into the local community.