Make a Simba Veggie Spread During YouTube Kids’ Month of Making

YouTube is encouraging kids to creatively explore the world around them with the Month of Making. All throughout May, the YouTube Kids app will be posting fun, tween-themed content. Videos will include projects and activities inspired by the characters and things they love the most. Does this lion look familiar?

This Simba veggie platter is just one of the many tutorial videos that are playing on the YouTube Kids app. Whether you and your children love all things Disney, or just want to find something fun to do together, YouTube Kids videos will give you plenty of creative options to explore.

What’s happening:

  • Throughout the month of May, the YouTube Kids app will post videos of projects and activities that are fun and tween friendly.
  • The detailed videos will feature crafts and projects that kids can do on their own or with minimal supervision.
  • Parents can download the app on their iOS and Android devices and control settings to keep their kids protected online. Parents will have the option to manage:
    • Kid Profiles–Create profiles with viewing preferences, recommendations, and settings.
    • Blocking–Block unwanted videos and channels from your kids’ profiles.
    • Watch History–Know what they’re watching in the app.
    • Search Control—Manage what and how much kids can access.
    • Timer–Limit how much time they can spend on the app.
    • Video Reporting–Alert YouTube Kids of any videos that shouldn’t be in the app.
    • Watch on TV–Stream content on select TV’s so the whole family can enjoy.

Why YouTube is excited:

Regarding the kid friendly app and the month of making: YouTube Kids is inviting kids and tweens to get inspired to create something awesome with their Month of Making.  Through May 31st, kids can learn how to piece together a robot, learn about coding, create arts and crafts, and much more! Month of Making aims to inspire viewers on-screen to create something magical off-screen.  The month’s in-app moment also features exciting playlists, including one from Kari Byron (Mythbusters) and GoldieBlox, where the popular TV host shows kids how to make stuff/do stuff, as well as a Peppa Pig playlist celebrating Month of Making.

 We hope you and your kids enjoy the Month of Making and find some something that inspires your creativity. Happy viewing!