After Netflix announced that they had missed their projected subscriber growth numbers yesterday, shares of the streaming service took a tumble — clearing the way for Disney to regain a title it lost in May.

  • As Bloomberg notes, The Walt Disney Company is once again the most valuable media company, with a current market cap of north of $164 billion.
  • Although Netflix’s stock has rebounded some today after a rough fall, their market cap sits at $163 billion as of this writing (its valuation slipped as low as $153 billion in the past 24 hours).
  • It was back in May that Netflix first topped the Mouse House to claim the crown, but of course there’s always a chance they’ll trade off once again.
  • Despite Disney CEO Bob Iger once declaring Netflix “more friend than foe,” that may have changed some as Disney looks to launch their own streaming service next year, pulling much of their product from Netflix.




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