Universal Orlando Resort Announces New Halloween Horror Nights Haunted House

Universal Orlando Resort has announced a brand new themed haunted house for the 2018 Halloween Horror Nights. Guests will have the chance to experience Carnival Graveyard: Rust in Pieces.

Carnival Graveyard: Rust in Pieces:

  • “As guests trespass into a dilapidated carnival, they will find a maze of decayed rides and games – and soon discover they are not alone. Horrifying guard dogs, a grotesque ‘tunnel of love’, gleefully vicious performers loaded with deadly weapons fabricated from old rides and more will stalk guests’ every move as they try their best to escape.

Good To Know:

  • This year horror fans will have an all-new haunted house to explore at Halloween Horror Nights: Carnival Graveyard: Rust In Pieces.
  • The new house is an original concept and will feature carnies out for their fun-filled revenge  Ride parts become instruments of torture, and the walls have been painted in blood.
  • Just in case that’s not terrifying enough, this year’s events will offer more houses than ever before! The Universal Orlando Resort blog says that 10 haunted houses have been announced.
  • Halloween Horror Nights will take place at the Universal Orlando Resort on select nights from September 14 to November 3. Guests can purchase tickets through the Halloween Horror Nights website.
  • While the goal of the annual event is to provide scary good fun to everyone, there are some attractions that might be too frightening for young children. Universal warns: Event may be too intense for young children and is not recommended for children under the age of 13.