On Wednesday the Reedy Creek Improvement District voted to approve a budget of nearly $2 million for electrical upgrades to World Showcase Lagoon. Many are speculating that these upgrades could mean an new show will replace the nearly 20 year old Illuminations: Reflections of Earth.

What’s happening:

  • The Orlando Sentinel has reported that Disney’s government, Reedy Creek Improvement District (RCID) has approved a budget of $2 million for upgrades to Epcot’s World Showcase Lagoon.
  • According to RCID, the budget will be split with $1.8 million going towards electrical upgrades, and $325,000 to purchase materials including transformers and switches. Additionally, another $220,000 will be set aside for engineering, construction inspection, and survey work.
  • Part of the construction will include drilling for a new pipe form The American Adventure Pavilion into one of the lagoon’s islands. Jason Herrick, a planning manager with RCID mentioned that it’s too early to comment on a project date, but they expect to have more information within the next 5 months.
  • The World Showcase Lagoon project was one of several Walt Disney World projects discussed during Wednesday’s meeting.

What they’re saying:

  • Disney spokeswoman: “At any given time, we have numerous projects in varied stages of development across the Walt Disney World resort, and we have nothing to share at this time.”
  • Jason Herrick, manager for planning and engineering for Reedy Creek Energy Services: “I don’t know the details what they’re going to use it for, but that’s the request.”

Orlando Sentinel reports these other projects have also been approved:

  • $1.022 million preliminary budget for electrical services and $415,000 natural gas services for “Project H,” which is thought to be the new Star Wars hotel at Hollywood Studios. “We’ve [Reedy Creek] known about it for about two years,” Herrick said about “Project H.”
  • $675,000 for water services for “Project MI,” thought to be the new ride for “Ratatouille” at Epcot.
  • $301,224 for a contract for water services to Harper Limbach for “Project S,” thought to be “Guardians of the Galaxy” roller coaster at Epcot.