Hong Kong Disneyland Teams With Hong Kong’s Children’s Hospital to Launch “Dress Well” Project

Hong Kong Disneyland and Hong Kong’s Children’s Hospital have teamed up to launch the “Dress Well” project, which brings a series of custom-designed Disney-themed clothing to the hospital for patients to wear during their stay.

  • The Walt Disney Company has donated HK$4.1 million (about $522,000 USD) to support the “Dress Well” project.
  • The new project launched today after being designed through a collaboration between Hong Kong Disneyland and Hong Kong’s Children’s Hospital.
  • The “Dress Well” project clothing was designed with the pediatric patients’ special needs in mind and is intended to be visually appealing, comfortable and functional.
  • The new clothing spans three categories: regular pajamas, jackets and pajama tops for intravenous therapy.
  • It is available in different patterns and designs for young patients and teenagers and features silhouettes of Disney characters hidden within the patterns.
  • The “Dress Well” project is part of the Walt Disney Company’s Team of Heroes philanthropic initiative and outreach program, which launched in March 2018.

What they’re saying:

  • Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Managing Director Samuel Lau: “Last March, The Walt Disney Company announced its US$100 million global commitment to help reinvent the patient and family experience in children’s hospitals around the world. Here in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort also fully supports the first specialist hospital for children in Hong Kong and its pediatric patients, bringing them happiness and empowerment. Combining the expertise of both Hong Kong Children’s Hospital and Disney, we have created clothing for child patients that embraces practicality and fun elements, encouraging them with Disney’s magic and power.”
  • Hospital Authority Chairman Professor John Leong Chi-yan: “The new patient clothing is one of Hong Kong Children’s Hospital’s children-friendly initiatives to enhance the patient journey. The cheerful design, alongside the home-like environment of the hospital, should help reduce anxiety and add some joy to uplift the healing experience of our pediatric patients.”