A man is suing Walt Disney World for false accusation of negligence during a trip to Magic Kingdom in July of 2015.

Walt Disney World

What’s happening:

  • According to the Orlando Sentinel, Marc Rubin is suing Walt Disney World for $15,000 for negligence and false arrest or imprisonment during a July 2015 vacation.
  • Reports say that Rubin was preparing to propose to his wife in front of the castle when he was asked by a Cast Member to move, thwarting the most important moment of his life.
  • Rubin was asked by a Cast Member to move back 3 feet and out of the way of the daily parade route when, according to the Cast Member, he screamed in her face and grabbed her shirt.
  • Rubin states that when asked to move, he requested a “brief delay” to wait for his family to return from a concession stand. However, the Cast Member told him he needed to move immediately. According to his report, a verbal altercation ensued, but he never grabbed the Cast Member.
  • The Cast Member reported that Rubin became “aggressive” and said he wasn’t leaving the spot without his family. She also stated that he “grabbed her shirt collar and threaten(ed) to punch her in the face.” She also reported that she radioed for her manager to come over.
  • Her manager states that while he didn’t see Rubin threatening her, he witnessed Rubin’s “arrogance and demeanor.”
  • Rubin was escorted to a Disney Security office and was later arrested by the sheriff’s office.
  • According to his lawyer, Rubin has declined to comment. In the lawsuit, he says he was falsely accused of battery.
  • He is suing Disney for negligence, saying they falsely accused him of grabbing the Cast Member’s shirt. He alleges that Disney never released a copy of surveillance as proof that he did not touch her.
  • Rubin is also suing for false arrest or imprisonment.

What they are saying:

  • Disney spokeswoman: “The safety of the people who work in and visit our parks is very important to us. We will respond to the allegations as appropriate in court.”