ESPN’s Integrates Augmented Reality on “Around the Horn”

Don’t adjust the screen, it’s supposed to look that way! Starting on November 5, ESPN’s Around the Horn will be the first U.S. domestic program to fully integrate augmented reality into its entire 30-minute presentation

Around the Horn

New York, NY – October 11, 2018 – Seaport Studios: Tony Reali on the set of Around the Horn. (Photo by Lorenzo Bevilaqua / ESPN Images)

What’s happening:

  • ESPN’s Around the Horn will be bringing augmented reality (AR) to television as it integrates the technology into its daily show.
  • SportsTechie reports that the 30-minute show will begin broadcasting the program with its new AR setup on November 5.
  • To help integrate AR into the daily show, Around the Horn will move to a new set at ESPN’s New York Seaport District Studios.
  • Tony Reali will continue to host the show and will engage with four guest panelists each day.
  • The panelists will appear on virtual screens inside the studio and Reali will be able to use the AR application to change the size of their screens, apply social media filters, and more.
  • While AR is not a new technology, it has never been used to this effect. Games, apps, cameras and computers have all used various applications of AR but this is fairly new ground for a daily television show.
  • ESPN Front Row shared pictures of Reali and panelists rehearsing for the November 5 show:

What they’re saying:

  • Mike Foss, senior director of remote production operations at ESPN: “Virtual reality or augmented reality is something that has existed on various platforms, including ESPN, but Around The Horn is going to be the first domestic U.S. show to integrate—fully integrate—augmented reality into the entire length of the 30-minute presentation.”
  • Tony Reali, Around the Horn Host: “Augmented reality is something we’ve wanted to try for years. A show with an impeccable scoring system and an immaculately wielded mute button just begs for that type of total immersion. The technology of this studio will take the video-game element of Around The Horn to the next level while also enhancing the debate and interplay of our panel. I’m also looking forward to the new touchscreen console and moving around a bit, which will add to the pace and energy of the show.”

Around the Horn airs weekdays at 5:00pm ET on ESPN