If you thought Mickey’s birthday celebration would be extended to Disney games and apps, then you’d be right! Everyone’s favorite mouse will also be a featured part of some of Disney’s most popular games. Form Disney Heroes to Magic Kingdoms here’s what fans can look forward to over the next week.

What’s happening:

  • Disney apps are joining in the Mickey Mouse 90th birthday celebration with fun gifts for all fans.
  • Several games are adding Mickey Mouse themed content and giveaways in honor of his birthday.
  • Select game exclusives will be available from on November 13-December 7.


  • Disney Stickers: Mickey’s 90th:
    • Fans can celebrate Mickey’s 90th through iMessage with 21 new animated stickers featuring “The True Original”.
    • The pack will feature beloved Mickey expressions celebrated throughout the years and include more than 20 themed stickers.
    • Disney Stickers: Mickey’s 90th is available for download today through the App Store.


  • Disney Heroes: Battle ModeNovember 14 – 21
    • Players will be able to add Mickey himself to their teams during a week of special contests and events.
    • Battling through the campaign will unlock his powerful skills like Silly Symphony and Apprentice Sorcery.
    • Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is available on the App StoreGoogle Play and the Amazon App Store.
  • Disney Magic Kingdoms: November 14 – 22
    • Players can celebrate 90 years of Mickey by welcoming him, Minnie, and Pete as their classic versions.
    • Additionally, Mickey is preparing some musical fun on a new attraction – the Steamboat!
    • Disney Magic Kingdoms is available on the App StoreGoogle Play Store, or Windows Store.
  • Disney Emoji Blitz: November 15 – 20
    • The “Clear the Frosting” event will award a Diamond Box prize to players who complete the event, featuring either Steamboat Willie Mickey, Sorcerer Mickey or the new, exclusive Rainbow Mickey.
    • A special Mickey giveaway will also take place in-game on Mickey’s birthday, November 18.
    • Disney Emoji Blitz is available for free on the App StoreGoogle Play and Amazon App Store.

  • Disney Tsum Tsum: November 16 – 21
    • A special, limited-edition pick up capsule will be available for a short-time, containing Pirate Mickey, Fantasmic Mickey, Conductor Mickey, Sorcerer Mickey and Musketeer Mickey.
    • Disney Tsum Tsum is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.
  • Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross]: November 18 – December 7
    • A Mickey Mouse quiz will be available in-game until the end of the month, allowing players to win up to 1,000 Jewels to celebrate Mickey’s 90th birthday.
    • Additionally, players will have the chance to obtain even more Jewels through a free daily draw running through December 7!
    • Keyblade wielders will also be able to celebrate Mickey in style with discounted Mickey and Minnie-themed avatar boards available through December 2.
  • Covet Fashion x Disney Style Challenge: November 18
    • For one day only, Covet Fashion will host a Mickey’s 90th Disney Style Challenge.
    • Players will style a classic look inspired by Mickey to celebrate the 90th anniversary of a true original!
    • The app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Mickey’s Birthday Game Sales:


  • Limited-Time Sales: 
    • Mickey’s birthday celebration will feature sales ranging from 25% – 50% off across the above titles as well as:
      • Disney Stickers: Mickey & Friends
      • Disney Junior Appisodes
      • Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
      • Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two


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