Deadpool Defends Nickleback in New “Once Upon a Deadpool” Trailer

In case you’ve forgotten, a special PG-13 version of Fox’s Deadpool 2 is coming to theatres for a limited run under the title Once Upon a Deadpool on Wednesday, December 12th. Ahead of this date, a new teaser for the film has been released that follows up on a joke featured in the initial trailer and finds the Merc with a Mouth defending the much-loathed Nickleback.

  • You may recall that, in the first trailer for Once Upon a Deadpool, Fred Savage joked about Deadpool’s licensing agreement, comparing him to “the Beatles produced by Nickleback.”
  • In a new look at the re-cut film, Ryan Reynolds defends his fellow Canadians, listing off some of their numerous accomplishments.
  • This comes just a couple of days before the film opens in theatres for a limited run and soon after we got another hilarious teaser for the film, featuring Deadpool answering some of Savage’s questions.
  • For each ticket sold to Once Upon a Deadpool, $1 will be donated to (Fudge) Cancer.
  • Once Upon a Deadpool hits theatres December 12th and run through Christmas Eve.