Bésame Cosmetics Presents “Peter Pan” Mermaid Lagoon Collection

Inspired by Mermaid Lagoon from Disney’s Peter Pan, cosmetic company Bésame, has designed a playful beauty collection that would make any mermaid flip her fins. The collection is a collaboration between Disney and Bésame in honor of the animated classic’s 65th anniversary.

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These three brilliant colors are perfect for whatever mermaid mood you’re in! Designed to look great on all skin tones, each luxurious shade in this new collection is perfect for your all-day adventures.

Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon  Waterlily Blossom Red  Lipstick by Bésame | shopDisney

Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon Mermaid Kiss Lipstick by Bésame | shopDisney

Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon Starfish Pink Lipstick by Bésame | shopDisney

Eyeshadow Palette

This special edition ''Treasures of the Lagoon'' shadow palette from Bésame features a lovely array of colorful shadows inspired by the tranquility one can only find in the Mermaid Lagoon.

Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon Shadow Palette by Bésame | shopDisney

Mist & Fragrance

“This fragrance evokes a day spent relaxing by a secluded waterfall. The fresh seawater scent transports you to the enchanting lagoon of Never Land, where waterfalls cascade and rejuvenate the senses.”

Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon Waterfall Mist & Fragrance by Bésame | shopDisney


Inspired by the original paint colors used by the Ink & Paint department for the film, this gorgeous powder and bronzer will instantly transform you into a mermaid.

Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon Pearl Shimmer Powder Compact by Bésame | shopDisney

Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon Golden Sand Bronzer Compact by Bésame | shopDisney