D23 Announces Their 2019 Gold Member Gift Celebrating 10th Anniversary

D23 has announced their 2019 Gold Member Gift, which celebrates the The Official Disney Fan Club’s 10th anniversary.

  • In honor of D23’s 10th anniversary, the 2019 Gold Member Gift honors characters, movies, television shows, and theme park attractions that are also celebrating landmark anniversaries in 2019.
  • The gift is an exclusive box set of 10 beautifully crafted pins featuring those movies, television shows, and theme park attractions celebrating their milestone anniversaries.
  • The pins are designed by Disney artist Ricky De Los Angeles.
  • They will come in a D23 embossed tin, and will be sent to all guests who join or renew their D23 Gold or Gold Family Membership in 2019.
  • The set includes pins dedicated to:
    • The Skeleton Dance – 90th anniversary
    • Donald Duck – 85th anniversary
    • Marvel Comics – 80th anniversary
    • Disneyland Television Series – 65th anniversary
    • Haunted Mansion – 50th anniversary
    • The Muppet Movie – 40th anniversary
    • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – 35th anniversary
    • The Little Mermaid – 30th anniversary
    • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – 25th anniversary
    • Up – 10th anniversary

If you would like to become a D23 Gold Member, you can sign up online here.