Discover Your Best Self with Star Wars Fuel Your Force Initiative

Back in December, Star announced the 2019 Star Wars Fuel Your Force campaign. This initiative is a personal one, designed to encourage individuals find their “inner Force.”

What’s happening:

  • Star Wars Fuel Your Force, is a commitment to finding your own “inner Force.”
  • Throughout 2019 the initiative will guide fans as they:
    • Pursue an active and healthy lifestyle
    • Take inspiration from the powerful stories and formidable characters from the Star Wars galaxy
    • Unlock their full potential
    • Discover their best self
  • With Star Wars acting as a guide, fans will find inspiration in themes of mentorship, self-discovery and inner strength encouraged by every story and adventure.
  • With patience and mindfulness, anyone can become motivated and focused on living a healthy life both physically and mentally.
  • In 2019 and beyond, Star Wars Fuel Your Force engages fitness and wellness enthusiasts through new and exciting product collaborations in gear, healthy living accessories, and more.
  • Harness the power of your “inner Force” to discover a new you while inspiring family and friends to join in and become even more powerful as a community.

  • Star Wars Fuel Your Force continues through 2019, and fans can visit to discover:
    • Healthy recipes
    • Fun activities
    • Articles
    • And other information

Speaking of Star Wars…