Disney Reportedly Retiring Fox 2000 Film Label

A day after Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox closed, tidbits about how the company will integrate these new properties continue to emerge. The latest from Variety suggests that one film label what will be going away is Fox 2000.

  • According to Variety, Disney plans to stop producing films under the Fox 2000 banner.
  • If true, the label’s head Elizabeth Gabler could well be among the layoffs that have already started.
  • However, Variety notes that Disney had previously stated that Gabler would be staying on board at the company, so perhaps she’ll be moved elsewhere instead.
  • Also of note is that the Fox 2000 logo was among those added to the Walt Disney Company website overnight Tuesday into Wednesday just as the transaction closed.
  • Some of the films produced under the Fox 2000 label include The Fault in Our Stars, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Life of Pi.
  • Even if Disney does retire the label, they are committed to complete those projects already in production.
  • Meanwhile, one Fox imprint we know for certain will be staying is Fox Searchlight — a studio Disney CEO Bob Iger has repeatedly cited as one of the star assets of the acquisition.


  • Disney retiring the Fox 2000 label makes sense as the new Walt Disney Studios is already filled to the brim with sub-studios.
  • Although imprints like Fox Searchlight are well-defined, it’s unlikely that most filmgoers are aware of what Fox 2000 even is or could tell what separates their films from others Fox releases.
  • Therefore it seems like the ditching the name is less about shutting down that element of the studio and more about simplifying the branding of Disney’s slate.