Marvel Launches Documentary Shorts Series “X-Men: The Seminal Moments”

Marvel is celebrating the biggest moments in the history of the X-Men with the debut of a four-part documentary shorts series. “X-Men: The Seminal Moments” will focus on the key moments that forever changed the future of the X-Men.

What’s happening:

  • Ahead of the released of the X-Men series, House of X and Power of X Marvel is taking fans through four essential X-Men stories that forever changed the Marvel Universe.
  • Fans can dive into X-Men history with a brand-new documentary short series, “X-Men: The Seminal Moments,” available on and Marvel social channels.
  • Starting today through the end of May, Marvel will release the four-episode series online focusing on:
    • Giant-Size X-Men
    • 1991’s X-Men #1
    • Age of Apocalypse
    • New X-Men
  • This four-part series is sponsored by this summer’s blockbuster House of X and Power of X series, two new retrospectives that will take X-Men fans back to some of the greatest moments in the Marvel Universe, setting the scene for the most important story in the history of mutantkind.

About the documentary shorts:

  • Each of these shorts will feature voices from Marvel’s past and present including legendary creators like:
    • Adam Kubert
    • Chris Claremont
    • Larry Hama
    • Jonathan Hickman
    • Al Ewing
  • These creators will look back and share their thoughts (and inside looks) into the most influential moments that redefined and reignited the X-Men, leading to bold new directions that drew in generations of fans around the world.

“X-Men: The Seminal Moments” Series Release Schedule:

  • 5/20 – “X-Men: The Seminal Moments” Episode 1: Giant-Size X-Men (1975)
  • 5/22 – “X-Men: The Seminal Moments” Episode 2: X-Men #1 (1991)
  • 5/24 – “X-Men: The Seminal Moments” Episode 2: Age of Apocalypse (1995)
  • 5/28 – “X-Men: The Seminal Moments” Episode 2: New X-Men (2001)

About House of X and Power of X:

  • Written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Marvel’s Young Gun Pepe Larraz, R.B. Silva, and colorist Marte Gracia.
  • The series will build from every major X-Men milestone since 1963 up through the current X-Men series and storylines fans know and love, including some of Marvel’s most iconic characters from over the decades.

 The next seminal moment in the history of the X-Men begins this July!