Launchpad McQuack Takes Over the “DuckTales” Theme Song in New Video From Disney Channel

Disney Channel is allowing character to take over their respective shows’ theme songs and their latest video takes us to Duckburg where Launchpad McQuack is taking over perhaps Disney’s most iconic theme song.

  • Launchpad stumbles through the opening sequence of Ducktales in the new video, providing some less-than-accurate lyrics to the iconic and almost annoyingly catchy theme.
  • Here are Launchpad’s lyrics:
    • Life is like an aeroplane, here in Duckburg.
      Airplanes, airplanes, AEROPLANES!
      It’s a duck blur.
      Might fly an airplane, or crash that airplane!
      AIRPLANES! Uh, DUCKTALES! Now I’m on a boat with Dewey. DUCKTALES! WOO-OO! Hey, a scooter! WHOOPS! Kablooey!
      DUCKTALES! WOO-OO! I’ll catch up in a sec or two.
      Guys,look out, some guy’s behind you!
      Even worse, here comes the key change!
      DUCKTALES! Woo-oo! Jump in the plane for the refrain.
      DuckTales! WOO-OO! Wait, ducks have tails,
      I just got that, that’s why the name of the show is
  • You can watch DuckTales on Disney Channel and in DisneyNOW.

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