Walt Disney World has something of a plumbing emergency on its hands this evening. Around 5:00 PM in front of the entrance to Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, a geyser of brown water began spurting up out of the ground. A number of guests who witnessed the mishap were on hand to capture the moment and post video and photos to social media.

The problem only seemed to get worse as time went on, as what looked like a ten-foot eruption of water spouting out of the pavement behind a construction wall grew to what appeared to be around thirty feet or more in height.

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Just happened 5 min ago at HS

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Disney theme park community members have guessed that whatever construction workers were doing behind that wall, they accidentally hit the water main causing Catastrophe Canyon-levels of dirty water to spray up into the air.

According to other guests on the scene, the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular attraction has been shut down for the time being and the area is closed from the Celebrity Spotlight meet-and-greet to Hollywood Studios’ hub. Ankle-deep water was present as Cast Members began sweeping the mess to the nearby Echo Lake.

While at this time we don’t have access to more information as to what exactly caused this problem or when it will be resolved, be sure to check back here for further updates throughout the evening.