Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF) and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World announced they will host the national interscholastic high school esports championship tournament. The event will feature the best high school esports teams in America.


  • The event is scheduled to take place June 12-14, 2020

How to Qualify:

  • Teams will earn their way into the national championship by advancing through a series of regional qualifying events in fall 2019 and spring 2020.  
  • Additional details, including top teams and tournament format, will be announced in the coming weeks

What They Are Saying:

  • Faron Kelley, Vice President of ESPN Wide World of Sports: “We are proud to be working with The Electronic Gaming Federation on what we think will be an exciting venture into the esports business. This project represents a new opportunity for us here at the sports complex and we look forward to hosting the high school esports national championship next year.”
  • Tyler Schrodt, CEO of EGF: “Disney is a world class brand that we at EGF are pleased to be working with, especially at this time of tremendous growth in competitive interscholastic esports. We share the core belief with Disney that well-organized and managed esports competitions can have a positive and beneficial impact on students, parents and schools.  The opportunity to work with Disney, a global leader, known for its responsible approach in everything it does, is not only in line with our values, but represents a unique opportunity for the increased growth of esports.”

 About the Electronic Gaming Federation:

  • Founded in 2013
  • One of the first to establish a unified platform for High School and Division I Collegiate esports competitions.
  • Entities of EGF include EGFH (High School), EGFC (Collegiate), EGFM (Media) and EGFA (Agency).

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