Rapper Ohgeesy visited Disneyland yesterday and it did not end well for him. After and alleged gun threat, he and his group were kicked out of the park, according to TMZ.

  • The group was waiting for Indiana Jones Adventure when it broke down.
  • After waiting for about 15 minutes, the group got frustrated and decided to exit the line, but not before one member of the group decided to allegedly threaten a cast member, claiming to have a gun.
  • Disney security was called and the individual was removed from the park.
  • After that, the rest of the group went to guest services to demand refunds and were also removed from the park for what is being called “bad behavior.”
  • Ohgeesy took to his Twitter account to share proof of said behavior, in addition to his side of the story. (Be warned – the contents of his tweets do contain some strong language).

  • According to law enforcement sources, the individuals in the group were ID’d and given trespass warnings upon being removed from the park.