A Florida woman was arrested and charged with disorderly intoxication and battery at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. She has since been trespassed from Walt Disney World property.

What’s happening:

  • Click Orlando and The Orlando Sentinel reported that a Florida woman was arrested on charges of disorderly intoxication and battery on a law enforcement officer this past Thursday at Disney's Hollywood Studios.
  • 53 year old Ellen McMillion was drunk and had asked a taxi driver for a cigarette. When he didn’t have one, she repeatedly tried to slap him, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Office reports.
  • The taxi driver stated that she approached him in the parking lot and when he told her he didn’t have any because he doesn’t smoke, she began yelling and trying to hit him.
  • When asked approached by deputies, McMillion stated several times that she was drunk and was refusing to cooperate until someone gave her a cigarette.
  • Authorities said that when they approached her she:
    • Was slurring her words
    • Smelled of alcohol
    • Had bloodshot eyes
    • Was unsteady on her feet
  • The report also stated that when deputies asked her for identification, she threw her purse on the ground, and continued to curse in front of children and other guests in the area.
  • She was placed in handcuffs, but tried to pull away as deputies led her to the patrol car. She kicked an officer in the leg at least twice.
  • Following her arrest, McMillion has been trespassed from all Walt Disney World properties according to The Orlando Sentinel.

What they’re saying:

  • Arrest report: “She also verbally stated she was drunk multiple times. She demanded a cigarette multiple times and stated she was not going to speak to deputies until she got a cigarette. McMillion was still yelling profanities as multiple adults and children walked by.”