“Toy Story 4” Creators Address “Toy Story” Series Fan Theories In New Video

Ever dig deeper into a movie you’ve seen, coming up with intricate backstories based on little clues or easter eggs that are found in the film? If so, you’ve created a “fan theory.” Toy Story 4 creators have recently sat with Vanity Fair and addressed some of the theories for the Toy Story Franchise.

What’s Happening:

  • Toy Story 4 Producer Mark Nielsen and Director Josh Cooley recently shot a video with Vanity Fair to address some common (or not so common depending on who you ask) fan theories regarding our friends from the Toy Story films.
  • Josh and Mark go through Reddit searching for fan theories and confirm or (mostly) deny some of the theories they find.
  • In the video, they address the following fan theories:
    • Is Woody the reason Forky actually became alive?
    • The toys are actually immortal and cannot die
    • Jon Negroni, who famously came up with the Pixar Connection fan theory, that all the movies in the Pixar universe are connected, suggests that Emily (Jessie’s original owner) is Andy’s mom.
    • Andy’s dad is dead
    • Syfy.com poses that Woody represents a father, while Buzz Lightyear represents a cool new step dad
    • Toy Story and The Walking Dead are the same story
    • Bonnie is actually Boo from Monsters, Inc.
    • Toy Story and 90’s sitcom Home Improvement are in the same universe
    • Sid has become a good guy after learning toys are alive
    • And lastly, a theory regarding the end of Toy Story 4, from someone who has yet to see Toy Story 4, leading Josh and Mark to discuss various alternate endings for the film.
  • Josh Cooley suggests that there “are so many more theories that you guys haven’t even come up with that are actually correct, so keep digging.” You can dig for yourself with Toy Story 4 now available on Blu-Ray, Digital, and DVD.
  • Check out the full video below, but be warned, there are spoilers!