Disney Orders LeBron James’ Docuseries “Becoming” for Disney+

Disney has ordered LeBron James’ 10-episodes docuseries, Becoming for Disney+.

What’s happening:

  • According to Deadline, Disney+ has ordered 10 episodes of a new docuseries from LeBron James, titled Becoming.
  • The docuseries hails from James’ Springhill Entertainment, ESPN Films Spoke Studios and ITV America.
  • Each episode will follow the upbringing of today’s world-class entertainers, musicians and athletes.
  • Becoming will take audiences to celebrities hometowns including the important locations that impacted their upbringing and set them on their path to success.
  • In addition to location visits, the series will also feature interview with the celebrity’s “supporting cast” including:
    • Family members
    • Coaches
    • Teachers
    • Mentors
    • Friends
  • Celebrities to be featured in the series include:
    • Anthony Davis
    • Caleb McLaughlin
    • Candace Parker
    • Nick Cannon
  • Becoming was originally developed in 2014 as a special for Disney XD with the intention of becoming an ongoing series. The 30-minute pilot episode focused on James and his rise as an athlete and professional.

Creative team:

  • Produced by Springhill’s:
    • LeBron James
    • Maverick Carter
    • Jamal Henderson
    • Philip Byron
  • Executive produced by Spoke Studios’
    • Brent Montgomery
    • Joe Weinstock
  • Executive produced for ITV America by:
    • Jordana Hochman
    • Rebecca Bruno