Ok Marvel fans, another Marvel Rising episode is on the way! This time the Secret Warriors have to deal with a villain who’s after their powers and the only way to stop them is by working together.

What’s happening:

  • A new episode of Marvel Rising is slated to debut this month and will feature the hero Dante Pertuz aka Inferno.
  • In Marvel Rising: Playing With Fire, a new foe begins stealing the powers of the Secret Warriors—will they be able to stop the villain?  
  • Discover what unfolds next when Marvel Rising: Playing With Fire premieres on December 18th 7pm ET/4pm PT on Marvel HQ.
  • In addition to the new story, fans can tune in for a live chat with actors and writers of the episode!


  • “Inferno's powers are stolen by a young and powerful villain, and it's up to the Secret Warriors to defeat their new foe and help their friend. But does Inferno even WANT his powers back? Meanwhile, America Chavez, learns a lesson about friendship and family from teammate Ms. Marvel.”

Creative team:

  • Marvel Rising is executive produced by:
    • Joe Quesada
    • Dan Buckley
    • Cort Lane
    • Eric Radomski
  • Co-executive produced by:
    • Sana Amanat
    • Marsha Griffin
  • Supervising animation director:
    • Alfred Gimeno
  • Written by:
    • Danielle Wolff


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