ABC Puts Romantic Anthology Series “Epic” From “Once Upon a Time” Creators Into Development

ABC has given the green light for development on a new romantic anthology series from the creators of Once Upon a Time, according to Deadline.

What’s Happening:

  • Once Upon a Time writer Brigette Hales, series creators/executive producers/showrunners Eddy Kitsis & Adam Horowitz, their Kitsis & Horowitz Productions and ABC Signature Studios have put Epic, a new romantic anthology series, into development.
  • The series will be set in a Disney’s fairytale universe, taking place in an enchanted forest, but centering on a whole new set of characters with heroes, villains, princes and princesses, and various other magical creatures.
  • It will create a whole new set of characters to explore love and romance in its many various forms.
  • Epic’s premise is a similar one to that of Once Upon a Time, which aired for seven seasons on ABC.
  • That series blended classic Disney fairytale characters with new creations, but where Once Upon a Time used characters already in the Disney universe, Epic creates all-new characters with new spins on the classic archetypes.
  • Kitsis and Horowitz, who previously worked on Lost as well, created Epic with Hales—who worked with them on Once Upon a Time joining in season 5and Apple’s upcoming Amazing Stories revival, another anthology series.
  • Previously having written for the Hulu miniseries, 11.22.63, Hales is writing Epic with Kitsis and Horowitz supervising and getting the project through all the developmental processes and hurdles.
  • All three are serving as Executive Producers, with ABC Signature Studios as the studio.