ABC News announced today a two-hour broadcast special and eight-part podcast on Jeffrey Epstein and the powerful story of the women who survived his crimes and fought back to reclaim their lives.

  • In Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein, the accusers open up with emotional accounts of the abuse they endured, their resilience, strength and life now.
  • The ABC News special features material from:
    • A 2003 interview in which Epstein discusses his life
    • Deposition tapes of Epstein and his alleged co-conspirators
    • Police interviews with the young girls
    • Their personal reactions today to seeing Epstein appear in court last summer
  • Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein dives into Epstein’s life and background, raising questions and uncovering details about how he made his money; his relationships with many notable individuals; his decades of sexually abusing young girls, including emotional accounts from two sisters about how he manipulated them; and the federal sex trafficking charges he faced before he died.
  • The special airs on Thursday, January 9 (9:00 – 11:00 PM ET) on ABC.
  • The podcast, hosted by ABC News’ Mark Remillard, is available for free on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Pandora, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn and the ABC News app starting January 9 with new episodes posting every Thursday.
  • Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein is the ninth installment in the #1-rated “Truth and Lies” series that premiered in 2017.
  • The previous installments have featured:
    • The Menendez brothers
    • Charles Manson
    • Watergate
    • Laci Peterson
    • Waco
    • Tonya Harding
    • Jonestown
    • Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton
  • ABC News is the producer of the special with David Sloan serving as senior executive producer, Terri Lichstein as executive producer and James Hill as senior producer.
  • The podcast is produced by the award-winning ABC News Investigative Unit and ABC Audio, creators of the #1 True Crime podcast “Have You Seen This Man?”
  • Chris Vlasto is senior executive producer and Cindy Galli is chief of investigative projects.


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