An upcoming issue in Marvel Comics’ The Immortal Hulk features the green hero on the cover in hand to hand combat with Xemnu! But that’s not all, this issue also includes an epic battle that spreads across two pages as Hulk gets physical with the folks at Roxxon Energy.

What’s happening:

  • Since launching The Immortal Hulk back in 2018, the mastermind creative team of Al Ewing and Joe Bennett have brought Marvel’s iconic character to shocking and thought-provoking new heights.
  • This action-packed series has both delighted and stunned readers, making it one of today’s most critically acclaimed books. And the frightful fun is just getting started.
  • Immortal Hulk #33, the Hulk’s landmark 750th issue, will be an extra-sized special full of the mind-blowing storytelling that fans have grown to expect from this hit series.
  • Featuring a sequence drawn by superstar artist Nick Pitarra (The Manhattan Projects), The Immortal Hulk by Al Ewing and Joe Bennett will continue to redefine Bruce Banner’s journey as he trades blows with Xemnu and the Hulk’s longstanding feud with Roxxon Energy comes to a head.
  • The explosive variant cover was designed by Steve Skroce and colorist Dave Stewart.

  • Inside the action continues with two double-page spreads that connect to form one massive scene featuring the work of Bennett, inker Ruy Jose, and colorist Paul Mounts!


  • Don’t miss the next chapter of the book everyone is talking about when Immortal Hulk #33 goes on sale March 25th.

 Immortal Hulk #33:

  • Written by Al Ewing
  • Art by Joe Bennett & Nick Pitarra
  • Inks by Ruy Jose
  • Colors by Paul Mounts
  • Variant Cover by Steve Skroce with colors by Dave Stewart