Marvel Reveals Final Trailer, New Poster for “Black Widow”

This morning, Marvel dropped the final trailer for their upcoming Phase 4 thriller, Black Widow. This movie marks the first solo outing for Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff and the second female-led film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What’s happening:

  • Marvel has released an action-packed new trailer for Black Widow that gives audiences a better glimpse at Natasha’s pre-Avengers life and her relationship with her family.

  • The studio also revealed a new cast poster for the spy thriller. The image shows Natasha in her new suit that features nods to her original comics look, and it appears she’s ready for a fight, equipped with two large batons and small handguns.  



  • “In Marvel Studios’ action-packed spy thriller Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow confronts the darker parts of her ledger when a dangerous conspiracy with ties to her past arises. Pursued by a force that will stop at nothing to bring her down, Natasha must deal with her history as a spy and the broken relationships left in her wake long before she became an Avenger.”


  • Scarlett Johansson as Natasha/Black Widow
  • Florence Pugh as Yelena
  • David Harbour as Alexei/The Red Guardian
  • Rachel Weisz is Melina

Creative team:

  • Directed by:
    • Cate Shortland
  • Produced by:
    • Kevin Feige

Black Widow—the first film in Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe—hits U.S. theaters on May 1, 2020