April Marvel HQ Highlights, Featuring a Venom-Inspired Slate

To celebrate reaching one million subscribers and to get ready for the upcoming season of Marvel’s Spider Man: Maximum Venom, Marvel HQ is streaming all new Venom-inspired content, debuting an all new Marvel Hasbro short, Bend & Flex, and revealing the first five episodes of the new season of Marvel Super Hero Adventures.

What’s Happening:

  • To ramp up for the upcoming season of Marvel’s Spider Man: Maximum Venom premiering April 19th on Disney XD and DisneyNOW, viewers can tune-in to an all-new Venom-inspired slate on Marvel HQ:
    • April 4th –  Marvel HQ will feature a new Best of Venom installment, “Top 10 Terrifying Venom Moments”
    • April 13th to April 20th – Marvel HQ will air five full-length Venom-centric episodes from Seasons 1-2 of Marvel’s Spider-Man
    • April 18th – Check out another Best of Venom installment, “Top 10 Venomous Quips”
    • April 20th – "How To Talk Like Venom" featuring an in-depth look on how to sound like the villainous Venom actor Ben Pronsky!
    • April 20th – Marvel HQ will premiere the first three episodes of Venom Files featuring some of the biggest heroes in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Maximum Venom. Venom Files spotlights the powers and abilities of Avengers and Spider heroes alike. But it’s these powers and abilities that have attracted the ooze of one very powerful alien symbiote.
    • On April 9th Marvel HQ will air the first five episodes of the new season of Marvel Super Hero Adventures where our favorite web-slinging, wall-crawling Super Hero is never short on adventure! Whether it’s visiting Wakanda, capturing cosmic criminals, or finding fantastic new friends, Spidey is swinging into the action webs-first! Fans can also check it out starting April 6th on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW, with a new short rolling out each day that week through April 10th.
  • Also coming to Marvel HQ in April is the fourth installment of Bend & Flex, a collaborative Marvel and Hasbro animated short series featuring bendable, flexible Marvel-inspired action figures! In this latest episode, Black Panther and Captain America try to one-up each other while working out in the park. However, their exercise routine is rudely uprooted by the Mad Titan himself — Thanos!
  • Marvel HQ will also be showing these on the Youtube channel as part of this month’s programming:
    • Marvel Super Hero Adventures
      • “Charge Ahead” – Spidey swings into his arc-powered pal, Ironheart, as the entire city loses electricity! With Ironheart’s suit shorting out too, these amazing friends will need to find a creative solution together.
      • “Aww… Do I Have To?” – When Hulk has his super-strength stolen by the maniacally magical Morgan Le Fay, he and Spidey are forced to think outside-the-box and remember that an open mind is a great tool for saving the day!
      • “It’s On Me” – Spidey and Captain America learn a thing or two about responsibility when Cap decides to leave his new Victory Bike unlocked, only for it to get hijacked by the belligerent cyborg-space-bunny Blackjack!
      • “Promises Promises” – Mr. Fantastic and Spidey are building a brand-new Web-Jet when they’re visited by Mittens the cat. Spidey promises Mr. Fantastic that he’ll put Mittens outside but doesn’t keep his promise, leading to catastrophic kitten chaos!
      • “Outside the Box” – Diamonds are being stolen one-by-one from the jewelry store, so Spidey partners up with The Invisible Woman, aka Sue Storm, to solve the mystery! Who could it BEE?
    • Venom Files
      • “Captain Marvel” – She’s a pilot, a hero, and one of the most powerful beings in the universe. She’s Carol Danvers – Captain Marvel! Take this powerhouse, add a little symbiote, and what do you get? One dangerous threat.
      • “Groot” – Groot is a unique and powerful alien lifeform…and a perfect target for the terrifying Venom! No one will expect this groovy little sapling's bark to be just as bad as his bite!
      • “Iron Man” – Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) is known throughout the world for his ingenuity, heroism, and leadership. But unfortunately, it is precisely those qualities that make him the perfect target for an angry alien symbiote!
    • Marvel’s Spider-Man Season 1 and 2 Full-Length Episodes:
      • "Symbiotic Relationship" – When Spider-Man wears Venom into battle, he discovers that there is great danger in this new strength he's been given so he must find a way to defeat the symbiote that wants to destroy him.
      • "Stark Expo" – Spider-Man partners with Iron Man to stop Ghost from taking over and destroying the Stark Expo.
      • "Dead Man's Party" – Things get personal when Spider-Man finds himself up against a foe that knows his secret identity – Eddie Brock, who, having merged with the vengeance-filled Venom Symbiote, has set his sights on destroying everything that is Peter Parker and Spider-Man.
      • "Venom Returns" – Spider-Man is two steps behind as Venom kidnaps people important in Peter Parker's life. Demanding a face-off with Parker, Venom holds his victims at Horizon's Lab.
      • "Superior" – Superior Spider-Man (currently Doc Ock) must face his most challenging opponent yet when Venom escapes from stasis and attacks Midtown High seeking revenge on Peter Parker. But when the villain senses that Superior is not Peter Parker, he threatens to hurt Anna Maria – a new companion Ock has grown close to – making Superior choose whether to give Peter his body back or lose his only friend.