Mattel Announces New Star Wars x Barbie Wave of Collector Dolls

Mattel surprised fans this Star Wars Day with the announcement of a second wave of the Star Wars x Barbie Collection. These collectable Barbie Signature dolls are inspired by original concept art, redesigning each character as high-fashion runway looks. The debut wave launched last fall and we covered the initial release, which included Princess Leia, Darth Vader and R2-D2.

The second wave of the Star Wars x Barbie Collection includes three dolls available from all retailers and one exclusive. Rey, C-3PO, and Stormtrooper are part of the Barbie Signature Gold Label and will be sold at multiple retailers with a suggested retail value of $100.’s exclusive Chewbacca doll is part of the Barbie Signature Platinum Label, which has a higher price tag of $150. Mattel is offering bundles of the three general release dolls at a discount of $270, but the Chewbacca doll is only available separately.

These dolls continue the triangular packaging theme, with a slipcover that lifts off to open flaps on both sides to reveal original character concept art and Mattel’s concept for the doll. The slipcover for the higher priced Chewbacca doll is as furry as the furball himself. Fans will find a certificate of authenticity inside and a doll stand to display each figure.


Description from “Star Wars Rey x Barbie® doll wears a crystal pleated chiffon gown with a crossover neckline and draped hood, inspired by Rey’s gauzy crosspiece. A slit reveals ombre boot-leggings in gold and copper hues, and accessories with a hammered gold look complete her heroic ensemble.”


Description from “Star Wars C-3PO x Barbie® doll shines in a head-to-toe liquid gold look with accents of sheer organza and golden sequins. Polished details include a golden collar, bangles, C-3PO-inspired glasses and a brilliant cincture echoing the droid’s primary power coupler outlet.”


Description from “Star Wars Stormtrooper x Barbie® doll is striking in head-to-toe white over a black bodysuit with a shiny patent-leather look. A platinum bob, dark glasses, cuffs, a utility belt and boots with a knee protector plate detail complete the battle armor-inspired look.”


Description from “Star Wars Chewbacca x Barbie® doll wears a lavish faux fur coat over a strapless dress with a fur skirt and bodice of vinyl and sheer organza. Chic details include a furry headband and knee-high boots, as well as cuff bracelets and a handbag inspired by Chewbacca’s signature bandolier and satchel.”

The entire Star Wars x Barbie Collection was designed by Robert Best, Senior Director of Barbie Design. He talked about the new dolls on the official Barbie Blog. "The new series of dolls needed to maintain the same feeling as the first series, but also offer enough new details and surprises to keep fans excited about the new additions. For this second series, I really wanted to push the fashion elements even further. There are amazing shoe designs, great accessories and jewelry that would be at home in a runway show or a high fashion editorial photoshoot.”

All four dolls are expected to ship on June 1st.

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