Lucasfilm, Mark Hamill Thank Star Wars Community Frontline Workers With Heartfelt Message

Lucasfilm is thanking the medical workers and volunteers who have sacrificed so much of their time and energy to keep people safe and healthy in their communities. These devoted workers also happened to Star Wars fans and who better to deliver this video message than Mark Hamill?

What’s happening:

  • Earlier today, Lucasfilm shared a new video on the Star Wars YouTube channel thanking front line workers for their dedication to providing care in the middle of this challenging time.

  • Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, shared the company’s message of encouragement, calling out specific individual doctors, nurses, essential workers, and volunteers who also happen to be huge Star Wars fans.

  • These celebrated heroes live all over the world and are working hard to keep their communities and the Star Wars community safe.

  • Thank you to each and every person stepping up to protect those who need it. May the Force be With You.