“The Imagineering Story” Director Leslie Iwerks Shares What Inspired Her to Make the Film

Documentary filmmaker Leslie Iwerks talks about what inspired her to make The Imagineering Story in Disney’s  YouTube video series Untold. 

What’s happening:

  • Filmmaker Leslie Iwerks recently sat down with Disney to talk about her family and the rich Disney legacies she was surrounded with while growing up.

  • Iwerks directed the beautiful six-part documentary series The Imagineering Story for Disney+ and in this video she explains what inspired her to share these important stories in Disney’s history.  

  • As she notes in the video, Iwerks is the granddaughter of Ub, an Imagineer and close partner of Walt Disney’s and a co-creator/designer of Mickey Mouse.

  • Her father Don also worked as an engineer in the machine shop and his hand was the model for the Abraham Lincoln animatronic at Disneyland!
  • Iwerks states that growing up “behind the scenes at Disney” helped her to be more inquisitive and really dive into the how and why of what makes things work. She says it’s something that she’s carried with her as a documentary filmmaker.

All six parts of The Imagineering Story are streaming on Disney+.

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