The release of We Are Freestyle Love Supreme, previously scheduled for June 5th on Hulu, has been postponed to a later date.

What’s Happening:

  • The documentary film We Are Freestyle Love Supreme was previously scheduled to be released on Hulu on Friday, June 5th.
  • On June 3rd, the film’s official Twitter account announced that they have pushed the release back to an unspecified date.
  • The filmmakers and members of the group don’t want to pull attention away from the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • Freestyle Love Supreme was a group of performers who would do freestyle hip-hop shows that formed in 2003.
  • Members of the group include Lin-Manuel Miranda, Thomas Kail, Christopher Jackson, and Anthony Veneziale.
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  • The full Twitter message reads as follows:

“We. Are. Freestyle. Love. Supreme.

We are for the freedom of expression, creativity, inclusion, equality, and most of all, love. Our work has always centered around creating a safe space for those ideals to flourish. Our show does not exist without the generations of brilliant Black artists that created two of our most beloved American art forms, jazz and hip-hop.

Today our country, our world struggles to reach an end to this systematic racial injustice, intolerance, police brutality and hate. We add our voices to that fight. To that struggle.

Because in this moment, our collective attention is turned toward these most pressing concerns, we have decided to postpone the premiere of our film, We Are Freestyle Love Supreme.

We believe that through activism, understanding and love, this country will realize that now is the time for lasting, real change and equity.

We are Freestyle Love Supreme.

We are for love.

We are for justice.

We are with you.

Black lIves matter.

Peace, love and power,


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