Laughing Place is pleased to exclusively share that the third season of the family favorite National Geographic Kids series Weird but True! is now a Disney+ original series! The eagerly anticipated third season will premiere on Friday, August 14th, only on Disney+, giving parents a fun way to enrich their kids’ lives with a series that’s as fun as it is educational. Here’s an exclusive first look at the poster for the new season.

The Weird but True! television series began in 2016 on National Geographic, inspired by the popular book series of the same name. Series regular Charlie Engelman returns with a new co-host, fellow children’s entertainer and educator Carly Ciarrocchi. Engelman also serves as a writer and producer on the series.

Each episode of Weird but True! is like the most fun day at school ever, with a field trip, too! The hosts pick a topic that they know very little about and then have a lot of fun learning as much about it as they can. The series has a hand-made esthetic to it with craft projects and acting demonstrating how things work.

In a way, kids and parents get a break from the home classroom through each episode’s destination where Charlie and Carly meet experts in the field and see some incredible sights. Topics this season will include hunting for dinosaur fossils and learning how airplanes fly, with a trip through the clouds included.

Your Disney+ subscription is about to pay for itself because with shows like Weird but True! available at the touch of a button, you can make Disney+ a special part of your child’s at-home school day that they’ll look forward to. It’s the best kind of screen time possible with a show that’s as educational as it is fun.

With the first two seasons of Weird but True! already streaming, families can get an early start right now. In addition to the collectable book series, there’s also a kid-friendly board game for an added level of fun.

The scientific fun of National Geographic’s new season of Weird but True! begins August 14th, only on Disney+.

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