Kate Bishop to be Featured in “Marvel’s Avengers” as Revealed During Third War Table

Marvel and video game developer Crystal Dynamics held the third War Table event today to share more information on the highly anticipated new game Marvel’s Avengers, including a look at yet another new character who will be featured in the game.

  • Kate Bishop, also known as the second Hawkeye, will be included in Marvel’s Avengers.
  • Bishop made her first Marvel Comics appearance in 2005 and is rumored to be the subject of the upcoming Hawkeye Disney+ series.
  • The War Table presentation gave us a look at Bishop’s introduction within the story as well as some of Clint Barton’s story.
  • Bishop will be the subject of her very own Operation titled “Taking Aim,” which will expand the “Avengers Initiative” game mode.
  • These Operations will introduce players to new heroes, villains and story while also expanding the game’s globe with new regions.

  • The War Table also announced week-long and seasonal events, Villain Sectors and Mega Hives, which will be a marathon challenge in which your hero team fights their way through levels of enemies that get progressively tougher.
  • The AIM Secret Lab Mega Hive will be available once a week and will have to be completed within a certain timeframe.
  • The War Table also provided a look at some of the various enemies players will face throughout the game, including several different levels of AIM soldiers and the human terrorist organization known as the Watchdogs.
  • We also got a look at Taskmaster in the game, as he will be featured in the Villain Sectors game mode.
  • It was also shared that players will be able to purchase (with in-game currency) various items that will change out daily.
  • Finally, we also learned that a fourth War Table will be happening in the future, but no specific date was shared.
  • Marvel’s Avengers will officially be released on Friday, September 4 but those who pre-order the game can try out the BETA now.
  • You can pre-order Marvel’s Avengers now.