Disney Movies Now Available on Apple TV in 4K HDR

Disney movies are now available in 4K through Apple TV, with HD purchases automatically being upgraded in user accounts.

What’s Happening:

  • When Apple TV rolled out 4K set top boxes in 2017, films from the Walt Disney Company and its brands were unavailable on the service.
  • The reason seemed to be Apple’s refusal to charge more for 4K copies of movies, with 4K prices matching the HD value.
  • That era has officially ended today with movies from Disney, Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, and other brands now appearing in Apple TV’s store.
  • In an email to customers, Apple stated that movies purchased through iTunes or the Apple TV app would automatically be upgraded to 4K HDR.
  • Movies Anywhere users may notice that Apple’s policy isn’t entirely strict about the film having been purchased through Apple. In our test, several movies purchased through Vudu in HD became 4K copies in Apple TV.