If you’re looking for some fancy headwear that allows you to show off your Star Wars fandom, have we got something for you. Designer Gigi Burris has launched a Star Wars capsule collection of hats and headbands inspired by characters from the Skywalker Saga. The high end millinery merchandise is available now online.

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Star Wars x Gigi Burris

Wanting to take your love of Star Wars from your heart to your head? This new signature headwear collection from Gigi Burris will help you accomplish that goal. Fans of the designer will love her latest cosmic creations reminiscent of Yoda, Darth Vader, Chewbacca and more.


“The simple, yet sleek rose gold headband inspired by Yoda. Gigi Burris has crafted a delicate and refined silhouette of the iconic ears. The attention to detail is clear in the intricate molding of the piece. A standout, unisex hair accessory that will have every Star Wars fan looking like the stylish in the galaxy.”

“Rose Gold meets luxurious opal Swarovski crystal cup chain. For the Star Wars fans who need a bit more sparkle in their life! This headband inspired by Yoda highlights the silhouette of the iconic ears, showcased in the intricate molding of the piece.” 


“This textural headband is crafted from a shade of warm brown suede leather. Each piece is embellished with intricate silver detailing that is hand wrapped with metallic thread filaments for a reimagined take on Chewbacca's iconic bandolier.”


“The mechanics of C-3PO inspired a tiara-like headband. Hand crafted in NYC, each piece is created using 14 karat gold plated metal. Luxurious, sleek, and modern, the Tiara Threepio highlights the molded elements of his robotic features.”

Darth Vader

“The ‘Darth Vader Sharina' is hand blocked into a pinch crown with a defining cuff. Each piece has the addition of a hand sewn patent leather trim and black enameled hardware. A vintage Star Wars logo is printed in repeat on a silk damask interior sweatband. A truly limited edition collectible item that captures the essence of the Star Wars franchise.”


“Everyone has a dark side. A sturdy cotton canvas unisex bucket hat is layered with a contrasting red perspex. The lightsaber inspired piece casts a red shadow across the face of the wearer emulating the iconic glow.”