Pixar SparkShorts Review: “Burrow” is a Charming Hand-Drawn Short About Learning to Accept Help When Needed

While Pixar’s Soul may be the big flashy release coming to Disney+ on Christmas Day, subscribers should make sure they also check out Burrow. This Pixar SparkShorts film was originally set to accompany Pete Docter’s touching new story in theaters before it was moved to Disney’s streaming service, which would’ve made it the first Pixar SparkShorts project to have a wide theatrical release. And once you see Burrow from director Madeline Sharafian, you’ll see why it was chosen.

Burrow follows a rabbit setting off on her own to build the home of her dreams. But when she bumps into some of her new neighbors who offer a helping hand, she is too embarrassed to reveal her plans. Rather than opening up to strangers, the rabbit gets herself into trouble as she digs deeper and deeper to try and find a secluded home.

Made in a hand-drawn 2D style, Burrow in many ways feels like a children’s book came to life. You can almost smell the pages of the non-existent book as you watch the events unfold. Told entirely without dialogue, it also engages viewers through every visual. Character designs are charmingly simplistic while living within a world rich in texture and substance.

In just a little over 6-minutes, Burrow delivers a story with some hilarious twists and turns, but also an important message for viewers. Set in an anthropomorphic world where animals build their dwellings like humans, viewers are reminded of classic stories like The Wind in the Willows and Frog and Toad while also learning that life is about building relationships and helping your neighbors.

Burrow is a sweet and refreshing animated short film that is not to be missed. The perfect way to enjoy it is the way Pete Doctor originally planned, streaming it right before you push play on Soul. With these two fantastic new offerings from Pixar Animation Studios on Disney+, you’re sure to have a very merry Christmas.

I give Burrow 5 out of 5 portraits of a regal frog who looks a little like Kermit.

Burrow starts streaming December 25th only on Disney+.

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