Water Slowly Refilling in Magic Kingdom’s Rivers of America

Although previously drained for several weeks now, the Rivers of America at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom have slowly seen some water seeping back into the busy Frontierland (and Liberty Square) waterway.

What’s Happening:

  • The Rivers of America at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom are drained from time to time to allow for refurbishment of the infrastructure, and even the attractions along the river, including the Liberty Belle Riverboat and Tom Sawyer Island.
  • When the river is drained, it truly is a sight to behold as the normally bustling waterway is now dry and exposed. It also offers fans the opportunity to see the rarely seen track that the Liberty Belle Riverboat glides along. During this time, parts of this track will see repairs and maintenance that is otherwise nearly impossible to do when the river is full of water.
  • We also saw that Harper’s Mill on Tom Sawyer Island is also going under a refurbishment of its own, though to what extent, we don’t know at this time. It could possibly just be cosmetic, painting the waterside mill or even maybe some interior work. As Tom Sawyer Island is also closed at this time, we can’t get much closer to investigate. Notably, the words “Harper’s Mill” have been painted over, though we don’t know at this time if this is a permanent change, a renaming, or just a layer before bringing “Harper’s Mill” back to the building.
  • Although previously completely drained, today we noticed that water is slowly returning to this Magic Kingdom waterway, with a bustling riverfront hopefully coming back to life soon.
  • This refurbishment as a whole is one of several that are due ahead of Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary in October of 2021, though at this time we do not know how the COVID-19 pandemic has officially affected those anniversary plans.
  • According to the official Walt Disney World website, the attractions on the Rivers of America (Liberty Belle Riverboat, Rafts to Tom Sawyer Island, and Tom Sawyer Island) are scheduled to be closed for refurbishment through February 28th, 2021, reopening on March 1st, 2021, though that is subject to change.
  • The Rivers of America are just one of the sights that we took in on an earlier Park Walk & Talk at the Magic Kingdom that you can watch below.

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