“Overheard at National Geographic” Returns for a Fifth Season on February 2

National Geographic’s Overheard at National Geographic podcast is returning for season five on February 2 with eight episodes.

“National Geographic’s short-form, fact-based podcast, Overheard at National Geographic, is returning for its fifth season on Tuesday, Feb. 2. In this season, Overheard continues to bring curiosity front and center.

Guided by the yellow border that has served as a portal for National Geographic’s last 133 years, the podcast provides a glimpse of life on the other side of the planet, in the deepest jungles, driest deserts and coldest terrains.  From the Himalayas to outer space and from fearsome women warriors to a deep dive on where musical genius comes from, listeners will be taken on a spectacular journey of learning and exploration.”

  • Overheard is hosted by Peter Gwin, editor at National Geographic, and Amy Briggs, executive editor of National Geographic History magazine.

What They’re Saying:

  • Davar Ardalan, executive producer of Audio – Podcasting: “In 2021, our ‘Overheard’ team will take you on an ambitious series of journeys, from the canyon labyrinths of the Gila Wilderness to the farthest reaches of Mars. ”We’ll trek up icy cliff faces in search of snow leopards, learn the whistles and clicks of orca mothers on the hunt, and delve into what makes a musical genius. Together with our listeners, we will venture to the far corners of our planet, embarking on a mini-adventure wherever our listeners might be.”

You can listen to this full episode and others at the official Overheard at National Geographic website.