ABC News has announced that the winter premiere of the 20/20 special series, The Con, will focus on the failed music festival in the Bahamas that has become the biggest swindle this century, the Fyre Festival, and what became of the organizing con artist, Billy McFarland.

What’s Happening:

  • 20/20 will be tackling one of the greatest cons of recent memory during the winter premiere of The Con, with The Con: Fyre Festival.
  • Whoopi Goldberg will narrate the special presentation that will focus on Fyre Fest creator Billy McFarland and what he has to say now about the disastrous music festival in the Caribbean.
  • The Con will also feature a jailhouse interview with McFarland, and can be seen when it debuts on Wednesday, March 3rd, at 10PM on ABC.

  • While the 20/20 special will seemingly focus on what became of Billy McFarland, interested viewers can get more of the backstory of the Fyre Festival thanks to Hulu. The streamer has a full documentary about the festival itself, Fyre Fraud, that is still available for subscribers to enjoy.