Marvel Shares First Look at “America Chavez: Made in the USA” Comic Series with Action-Packed Trailer

America Chavez is set to return to Marvel Comics later this month with a brand new series. During today’s episode of Marvel Live!, we got a first look at the new comic series in the form of an action-packed trailer.

  • In addition to the debut of the trailer, Ryan Penagos was joined by writer Kalinda Vazquez to discuss the upcoming series.
  • “America Chaves is a young superhero with a complicated past,” Vazquez said about the character. “She is a young Latinx woman.She came from another dimension known as the Utopian Parallel. She lost her parents, her two mothers when things went awry in the Utopian Parallel and fled that dimension into ours. And she is tremendously powerful. She has super strength, you know, she can open up portals by stomping her feet, she can fly.”
  • Penagos asked Vazquez about this series being her first foray into Marvel Comics.
  • “America Chavez is a character I had been following,” Vazquez said. ”Prior to that call, I had read her solo series and enjoyed her adventures in ‘West Coast Avengers’ and I was drawn to her as a person. I think she is so powerful as far as her super strength and her abilities go and she presents a very strong image.”
  • “To me, from a writer’s perspective, says ‘well, there has to be something underneath all of that,’” she continued. “What are the secrets that America Chavez carries? I want to know more about her crazy, you know, background and where she came from and what makes her, why she is who she is and why she is the way that she is.”
  • Part of the mystique of this character is the mysterious other dimension from which she comes. Vazquez explained that we will get more information on the Utopian Parallel.
  • “We are going to learn more about the Utopian Parallel and where she comes from and we’re going to learn more about her family and her relationship to her family,” she said. “We’re going to peel back some layers of the onion here.”
  • Finally, Vazquez elaborated on Chavez’ powers and her hidden vulnerabilities.
  • “Right now she’s pretty impervious as far as superheroes go,” Vazquez said. “She has an amazing ability to bounce back and I think that is part of what makes her so strong and unique as a hero.”
  • “But I think as far as her vulnerabilities, that is something that really appealed to me to explore in this series,” she continued. “Because, of course, we know that all heroes have their weak points. Even America Chavez.”

  • “America Chavez: Made in the USA #1” will be available in comic stores and digitally later this month.