LEGO Ideas Announces a New “Winnie the Pooh” Set Coming in April

LEGO has announced a new LEGO Ideas set based on Winnie the Pooh.

What’s Happening:

  • LEGO has announced a Winnie the Pooh LEGO Ideas set, created by Ben Alder.
  • The 1,265 piece set includes five new characters with their own accessories. Pooh with a red balloon, Piglet with his scarf, Tigger with his sack on a stick, Rabbit with carrots, and Eeyore with his tail and removable ribbon.
  • The set will be available for $99 on March 18 for LEGO VIP Members and on April 1 for non-members. The set can be ordered on and at LEGO stores.
  • LEGO Ideas is a website started in 2008 where creators can submit their ideas for new LEGO sets. Depending on the number of votes an idea receives, LEGO looks into the submission for creation into a real set that can be purchased.

  • Ben Alder, the fan designer behind the set, posted a Twitter message about the announcement.
  • “Honoured to share with you that our LEGO Winnie the Pooh set has been official announced. Excited to have been the fan designer behind this. One very happy family. A HUGE thank you to everyone for helping making this happen.”