Angela Bassett Speaks Her “Soul” in Latest Entry of “Draw Me A Story”

Disney+ has revealed a new entry into their Draw Me A Story series, this time with Angela Bassett telling the story of how she landed her spot in Pixar’s Soul.

What’s Happening:

  • Disney+ has dropped the second episode of their webseries on YouTube, Draw Me A Story, this time featuring Angela Bassett telling the story of how she landed the part of Jazz Quartet leader Dorothea Williams in Pixar’s Soul.
  • In the story, Bassett tells the story of how directors of the film, Kemp Powers and Pete Docter pitched the story to her, with her as the lead of the Jazz group. She then goes on to tell the story of how she took only five guitar lessons when she was younger because that was all her family could afford, and now she has learned the saxophone and is leading  a quartet!
  • Bassett also recalls how when she first moved to Los Angeles, she would frequent various jazz clubs, and looked back on her childhood with her mother’s long record player.
  • Of course, this video is called Draw Me A Story, so all of Bassett’s anecdotes are animated to help visualize the stories that she is telling.

  • In Soul, Angela Bassett plays Dorothea Williams, the leader of a jazz quartet for whom Joe Gardner is auditioning for what he thinks will be his big break. While only a supporting character, she is the one who gives Joe his chance at the Half Note Club, despite skepticism based on various encounters with his character, but she is constantly proven wrong once he sits at the piano.
  • Soul premiered on Christmas Day on Disney+ and has gone on to win the Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature. The film also stars Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey, Graham Norton, Daveed Diggs, and Questlove.

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