Jeremiah took a trip over to Magic Kingdom today and spotted some new Haunted Mansion magnets for sale. The magnets each retail for $14.99. These were spotted at the gift shop Memento Mori, which is located right outside the Haunted Mansion Attraction, but you may be able to find them elsewhere.


The first one spotted features Madame Leota, surrounded by the famous words she speaks in the attraction. The words form her hair, neck, and even the crystal ball. You can even spot some in her face.

Here we get a Haunted Mansion logo with the classic wallpaper in the background.

The Hitchhiking Ghosts make an appearance on this magnet, hopefully they don’t follow you home!

For those that need to make sure people are aware they also partake in Doom Buggy adventures.

Each magnet retails for $14.99. They were found over at Momento Mori, but you may have luck finding them elsewhere at Magic Kingdom.

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