New Teaser From Disney+ Showcases Acting and Animation Ahead of “Inside Pixar: Foundations” Debut on March 26th

Animators were once referred to as “actors with pencils,” and those animating at Pixar Animation Studios are no different according to this new tease for Inside Pixar: Foundations coming to Disney+, though it might just be a Stylus now, not a pencil.

What’s Happening:

  • Ahead of the debut of Inside Pixar: Foundations on Disney+ on March 26th, Pixar has released a sneek peek of the show featuring one animator, Montaque Ruffin, acting out a scene he was working on for the film, Soul.
  • There is an old adage that animators are just “Actors with pencils,” or in this case a mouse or stylus, as they still have to make their character perform.
  • Ruffin is shown videotaping himself for reference and using his performance of four different characters for one scene in the film.
  • The scene in question features Joe Gardner, his mother, and the two others occupying her tailor shop. If you’re familiar with the scene, you’ll almost immediately recognize many of the gestures that you see Ruffin perform that were translated into the final film.

  • Inside Pixar is an original docuseries on Disney+ that gives viewers an inside look at the inner workings of the company during the pandemic. Originally debuting with five episodes, new content gives viewers more of a look at the actual studio proper, including more about the animation process.

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