The Belcher Family has stepped out of television for an exciting new project, a retail collaboration with DC! The wacky restaurateurs —and Teddy— are featured on a new DC x Bob’s Burgers (DC x BB) collection launching May 1st.

What’s Happening: 

  • DC Shoes has hopped into the kitchen with Bob’s Burgers for a delicious new footwear and apparel collaboration.
  • But that’s not all, in addition to the fun attire, DC has partnered with celebrity chef Alvin Cailan to create a 7 Days of Burgers YouTube series featuring original burger recipes inspired by skateboard tricks!
  • The DC x BB collection and YouTube Burger series launch on May 1st.
  • The DC x BB Kalis OG shoes will be available online on May 15th.
  • Below is a sneak peek at the collection includes:
    • Signature Shoe for Pro-Skateboarder Josh Kais
    • Burger Hi-Tops
    • Ketchup and Mustard colored Low-Tops
    • Comfortable Slides
    • Baseball Caps
    • Apron
    • T-Shirts

What They’re Saying:

  • Alvin Cailan, Chef: “I love burgers, and I love skating! So when I got asked to work with DC Shoes and Bob's Burgers, I jumped at the opportunity. Two Worlds that I'm obsessed with colliding. Watching the skate trick-inspired burgers come to life and tasting them with the pros was epic; I couldn't believe they ate all of them.”
  • Michael Minter, Global Head of Marketing, DC Shoes: “We love Bob's Burgers and had a great time working with the teams at Disney and Bento Box to bring this collaboration to life. Merging the bold self-expression of DC skateboarding with the irreverent Bob's universe proved to be an extremely natural process. We hope all the fans enjoy this collection as much as we do.”

DC x Bob’s Burgers

DC x BB Kalis OG (Coming May 15th)

Kais has received the ultimate Belcher treatment and has been turned into a cartoon for this signature design! His animated self appears on the inner sole of shoes. The outer sole glows in the dark!

Belcher Family Hi-Tops

From crazy school plays and catering a bat mitzvah, to Family Fracas and nature trips gone awry, the Belcher family (and Teddy) have been through a lot. And now they’re front and center on a shoe, well actually side and off-center, but you get the idea.

Burger Assembly Hi-Tops

If you build it, they will come! This shoe represents all of the necessary items to create a classic, all-American cheese burger! The best part though, is the eye-catching lettuce-green sole.

Belcher Family Silhouettes

Fans of a classic low-top skater shoe will love this design that’s available in bright colors that are reminiscent of tasty burger condiments. The DC logo is included as well as constant Bob’s Burgers patron, Teddy.

Burger Slides

Slip into these casual sandals that will securely cradle your feet while simultaneously having you craving burgers thanks to the sole lining.

Bob’s Burgers Apron

A true kitchen essential is the apron which protects your clothes and just looks great! This particular look has both the DC and Bob’s Burgers logos and lists the original burgers created by Chef Alvin Cailan for this tasty collab.

Menu Cap

While not nearly as exciting as Bob’s Burgers’ burger of the day, you can still top off your look with this goes-with-everything baseball cap that asks the ultimate question: “What’s on the menu?”